Hello world!


I am simply a person of passion to capture the future through my experience, vision and realistic approach. My approach towards life is “One Life to Live One Life to Enjoy”. I am having experience of more than 15 years in the field of People Management, Team Building, Personal Productivity Improvement, Organizational Development, dealing with legal compliances, Quality Circles and Competency Mapping. I am keen and very effective leader with analytical skills, strategic thinking, planning and ability to work and execute under cross cultural environment.
I have always inspired the people near me and those who have been a part of my life whether my family, friends, seniors, colleagues, relatives or others always find me a jolly person with full of life, strength, confidence and never say “No” attitude.


I have handled the Human Resources function of the mid-size infrastructure company based in New Delhi, Greater Noida and Noida also and provided leadership to a vibrant and youthful HR team spread over major offices in India. Responsible for policy-making and strategic advisory on Human Resources issues. Moreover, have expertise in hiring leaders in all major verticals of the company and focused on internal marketing of company’s policies and restructuring exercise. Currently, I am working with MNC as Head – HR handling HR/Admin/IT/Legal part of the company. Deep-domain expertise in talent management, employee communication, branding and team dynamics. I bring a considerable understanding of social sensibility to my assignments, stemming from the personal belief that the eco-system impacts every area of organizational dynamics and must be engaged with actively. My beliefs are based on social development and individual performance. Coaching, learning and the individual pathways to find purpose at work engage my interest at the moment. Human Resources Management, Communication, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Sustainability, Branding, Government Relations and Corporate Affairs are my area of interest and I love doing research on the same.


Exploring new destinations and visiting various eating joints or natural treasure has become a passion for me. My preference always lies in to search for unexplored places, away from the noisy crowd and horns of the vehicles which smoothens my soul and make me feel the divine power inside me. Only the silence and hidden love of the nature can take us to the different world.
However, a good food acts as a stimulating agent to develop good hormones into our body and makes us happy which in turn spread positive vibes all around. Trust me, it really works. A delicious breakfast with the family or a mouth watering lunch with the clients can turn the story otherwise…of course in your favor and strong long term bonds can be established.


Being a down to earth and hard working person, I always had a hidden desire to do something for the country. Though never got the opportunity to bring a revolutionary change however I believe strongly in political or social change and takes part in activities such as public protests or a march to try to make this happen. I have campaign multiple times to bring justice to the shattered residents of Supertech and left no stone unturned to make their life peaceful in Supertech Czar Project, Greater Noida.